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Garden State Internal Medicine

About Us

Welcome to our primary care office! Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality of comprehensive adult care. We are proud to serve you. 

Our provider Dr. Yan is board certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Dr. Yan has active medical license in both NJ and PA. She is also a civil surgeon authorized by USCIS.  Dr.Yan is very compassionate and dedicated, with expertise in evaluating and treating patients with a wide spectrum of various medical problems including, but not limited to the following in adults older than age 18.
  • Preventive Medicine
  • Vaccine administration
  • Cancer Screening
  • Hypertension
  • Hyperlipidemia 
  • Diabetes Mellitus type I and II
  • Congestive Heart failure
  • COPD/Asthma
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • GERD, H pylori infection
  • Infectious Disease ( UTI, Cellulitis, Strep throat, URI, Pneumonia, Ear infection, Sinusitis, Influenza, Lyme disease etc.)
  • Allergies, urticaria, poison ivy dermatitis
  • Smoking Cessation, Alcoholics etc.
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Immigration physical exam
We also perform numberous procedures including but not limited below:
       Allergy skin testing
       Steroid injection
       Prolia injection for treating osteoporesis
       Holter Cardiac studies
       Covid, RSV, Strep Swab testing
       Suture removal
       IM antibiotics 
       Nebulizer treatment
We look forward to meeting you at Advocare Garden State Internal Medicine!